Consecutive scoring info

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Consecutive scoring info

Postby mikkiloo » December 7th, 2016, 11:16 am

Info on consecutive scoring for challenge games:

The only rule for scoring is to not have any throw away games between your reported scores ~ There are a few different ways to score your games.

1) You can play as many games as you want to and list each score. As long as you count all games, any of the three games in a row that you listed are consecutive:
30- 120- [520- 140- 520]- 10- 30- 200....

2) Some people like to play until they get a great score and count their next two games for entry.

3) Some prefer to play one game each day and submit those scores.

4) Some play three games in one sitting.

In the Klondike challenge, I prefer to play mine as they are in the first example but other games, I may go with the third example so those scores all show on the leaderboard.

I hope this opens some new doors for you!

Kelly/ mikkiloo ;)
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